What financial implication does the APAC have on the Troy community?  

APAC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) run by its Board of Directors who are responsible for all the operational and employee costs. The APAC Board will own the building and will lease the land from Troy Christian Schools. There is no cost to our community.  APAC is not funded through community taxes or public funds.  

Who is on the APAC Board?

The Board of Directors is composed of: Dave Arbogast, Board Chairmen; Gary Wilber, Vice Chairmen; Jeanne Ward, Board Secretary; Tim Snider, Treasurer; Ed Purvis, Member; Nicole Ernst, Member; Bob Lybarger, Member. Other members to be added in the future.

What is the expected usage of the APAC?

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We look forward to working with our schools, communities and businesses/corporations as we further define the usage of the APAC. All events hosted at the APAC will be “family focused” and sensitive to the scheduling of Hobart Arena events.

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