What financial implication does the APAC have on the Troy community?  

First, there is no cost to our community.  APAC is not funded through community taxes or public funds.  APAC is a non-profit 501(C)(3) run by its Board of Directors who are responsible for the operational costs.  The APAC Board will lease the land from Troy Christian Schools. Troy Christian Schools will not be involved in the financial responsibility of the APAC.

Second, the impact a performing arts center brings to a community and its residents are felt in educational opportunities, new forms of creative expression, community pride and economic dividends.  The cultural enrichment, offered and promoted through a facility dedicated to artistic and educational pursuits, generates a lifetime of far-reaching benefits.

Who will be on the APAC Board?

The board will be composed of two members from Troy community; two members from Troy Christian Schools; a member from Premier/Upper Valley Medical Center; a member from the Arbogast family; and one or two other members.

How will the APAC affect the physical campus of Troy Christian Schools?

There will be some changes to the TCS campus.  The present elementary playground and basketball court will be relocated directly outside the southwest elementary door and be fenced for safety. There will be changes to TCS’s parking to accommodate the APAC.  The practice field will not be affected. During construction, the traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up of students will be changed. The administration will put into place a safe and effective system until the completion of the APAC.

What kind of events will be offered at APAC?

A variety of events will be scheduled.  We look forward to concerts, children programs, plays, lectures, and creative community activities. Businesses/corporations will have space for training and symposiums. It will be exciting to see how APAC inspires our schools and community in bringing new fresh opportunities to students and families. The possibilities are limitless.

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