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Jerry and Kathleen Adkins, Vernon Jr. and Cathy Allison, Blake and Kim Arbogast, Dave and Linda Arbogast, Adam and Molli Baker, Lucas, Sarah and Mason Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baker, Matthew and Alicia Barnishin, Mike and Ginny Beamish, Tony and Carla Bianco, Paul and Penny Bizek, Brent Black, Brentwood Builders, Ron and Suzanne Brubaker, Candice Budde, Jeff and Danielle Butson, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Call, Richard and Rosalie Calvert, Mike and Annette Cargill, Community Insurance, Mr. and Mrs. David Conover, Mark and Viola Cullen, Amy Curtis, Dr. Carolyn Davis, Robert and Sarah Davis, Faith Deal, Dan and Ellen Dec, John and Betsy Deeds, Darin and Jeanette Dellinger, Bart and Teri Denlinger, Theron Dersham, Tom and Melissa Dersham, Joe and Tonya Dickerson, Ross and Pam Dillahunt, Mark and Sherry Douglas, Douglas and Kerry Dowling, Larry and Sandy Duncan, Tim and Mary Pat Echemann, Brian and Jessica Echols, Craig Eley, Emerson, John and Nicole Ernst, Ernst Concrete, Mr. and Mrs. Fairley, Dan and Vickey Fiely, Jim and Darlene Forsythe, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Francis, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallagher, The Charles Gates Family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gibboney, Matthew and Jill Gilfillen, Glenn and Marcy Gray, Greenville Federal Bank, Rylee Guillozet, David and Carol Hacker, Ozzie and Gail Haddad, Joseph and Andrea Harkleroad, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harju, Gail Harrington, Bryce and Lara Hartman, Teresa Herman, Hobart/ITW Corporation, Robert and Connie Hoops, Mr. and Mrs. Don Jackson, Rex and Laura Jackson, Tim Jackson, Ben and Sarah Jones, Dennis and Rebecca Jones, Horan, Duane and Katie Kansy, Kevin Smith, Inc., Jeff and Darlene Kincer, Bill and Jill Kindred, Kindred Funeral Home, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinney, Kiwanis, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kleptz, Julie Knott, David and Erika Koepper, Dave and Dominique Koukol, Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance, Andrew and Melinda Lair, Stephen and Becky Lawrence, Walter and Sherra Layton, Scott and Melissa Leonardi, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lightner, Mr. and Mrs. David Lindeman, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Linder, Lone Mountain Aviation, Lopez, Severt & Pratt, Co., L.P.A., Bob and Janet Lybarger, Pastor Doug and Carol Magin, Michael and Cindy Maiberger, Dr. Jim and Jenni Mathias, Gustavo and Cintia Menezes, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mercer, Charles and Marcia Mikolajewski, Jonathan and Erin Miller, Minster Bank, Paul and Diane Mitchell, Steven and Kellie Moore, Tylan and Dawn Morgan, Reverand and Gale Morris, Morris Comfort Systems, MT Studio, Tom and Rhondalynn Murray, Ray and Paige Nichols, Sheryl Palmer, Mike Orange, Tom and Julia Parker, Brian and Jill Patel, Darla Peck, Don and Jane Pence, Brian and Heather Peters, Reverand Douglas and Connie Peters, Tim, Tricia, and Gabby Peters, Steve and Joan Peterson, Rodney and Denise Phipps, Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Joe and Kim Plantz, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pounds, Andre and Jeannine Pratt, Premier Upper Valley Medical Center, Amie Purnell-Davis, Ed and Susan Purvis, Scott and Gail Reardon, Robinson Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Rohlfs, Mark and Lori Rogers, Frank Rupnik III, Safety Through Engineering, Jeff and Nancy Sargeant, Eric and Lindy Schaffnit, Richard and Valerie Schulte, Paul and Danette Shomper, Rob and Terri Shook, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Slone, Jacob Slone, Dale and Mary Alice Smith, Jeff and Gigi Smith, Scott and Abby Smith, Tim and Robin Snider, Harry and Theda Stacy, Ryan and Jane Stacy, Jon and Courtney Stangel and Family, Steve and Vareena Swihart, Mr. and Mrs. Randall Thomson, Troy Christian Elementary and Early Childhood Faculty and Staff, Troy Christian Junior High/Senior High Math Department (Laura Jackson, Cheris Krueger, Amy Major, Beth Ann Myers, Pete Ruland), Troy Foundation, Turnstone Financial, Mike and Erin Twiss, Luke and Kelli Waltz, Wappoo Wood Products, Inc., John and Jeanne Ward, Gary and Carla Wilber, Chris Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, Jonathan and Alyson Wolf, Mike and Diane Wright, Wright Pat Credit Union, Donald Yoder

“Leaf a Legacy” on the Giving Tree
1000 for $1000

The “Leaf a Legacy” 1000 for $1000 Giving Tree Campaign is a meaningful way to help support the Arbogast Performing Arts Center. Each individual, family, business or organization who makes a gift of $1000 will have their name (wording of choice) engraved on a leaf displayed on the Giving Tree in the lobby of the APAC.



APAC Groundbreaking Event - September 24, 2019



Reaching Toward The Goal

Currently raised: $5.65 MILLION


The mission of the Arbogast Performing Arts Center is to provide a venue for performing and visual arts and special events for the greater miami valley region and schools, to inspire creative and educational development, and initiate collaborative programming that reflects community interests.